My biggest problems with NixOS

Probably a year ago today, I learned about the magic of Nix and it’s Linux distribution NixOS. In theory, NixOS did/does everything I’ve ever wanted from a Linux distribution. I say in theory because unfortunately, NixOS suffers from a very common problem within the tech world, what I’m going to call the “Day Two” problem. The “Day Two” problem, as I’m calling it here (though I’m sure it has another name) is when you’ve gotten past the “Hello World” phase of a new technology - you’ve gotten the tech demo working and you’re excited, - but then you have the uphill battle of learning the skeletons in the closet. »

Experimenting with vault

One problem I’ve been strugglinging with over the past few months is how to configure a secure way to set and get variables for my various environments. I’ve considered building a tool for this (one that you’ll probably hear about soon) but while deciding what the MVP should be I realized that I might be able to strap a few different tools together to get the result I’m looking for. »